Why Use Canopies

No matter what size your home is, if you have an outdoor area, using a canopy is the best way you can maximize the space. Canopies are generally temporary structures that provide a roof and shelter for a variety of purposes: from protecting cars to creating a venue for an unforgettable outdoor event. They are made of materials designed to give shade and protect from elements both day and night.

Having a canopy is one of the best investments you can make for your home. If you are fond of entertaining, a canopy can make any occasion even more special by serving as a refreshing venue which makes an ideal change of pace from entertaining indoors. You can easily make it a little more magical by using candles and the natural glistening light of the moon.

In the summer and spring months when everyone just enjoys being outdoors enjoying the sunshine, the canopy can provide a restful retreat. You can use it to get some shade from the sun, after spending hours outdoors, or to keep your valuables safe from sun damage while you enjoy the sun. They also make it easy to entertain during the daytime, so you can enjoy the company of family and friends while getting protection from the sun.

Smaller-sized pop up canopies have popular vending and commercial uses as well. They are the preferred form of shelter used by vendors in markets because they are durable enough and provide the space needed to display wares while providing shelter for vendors.

They are also effective extensions to your home, should the need arise for a temporary portable shelter for various items, or even your car. If you have a new vehicle or a guest staying over and you have no more room in the garage, a canopy is the ideal way to provide a temporary protection. If you want peace of mind, it’s recommended to make use of a canopy with a zip-up side for added protection.

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Buying Your Canopy Accessories

Not all canopies available in the market today already come with accessories. Oftentimes, the package will only include steel rods for the canopy’s frame, covers, and foot pads. Other than these, you have to buy them yourself.

Canopies are long lasting but there are times when you need to replace or add some parts to make them more durable and stronger. You also need to accessorize your canopies to make them suited for the occasion where you want to use them. And since these canopy accessories can come in handy, it’s very practical that you buy some for your own use.

Canopy accessories can be set up easily and they’re very easy to remove as well. Rain gutters for instance can be placed in your canopy during winter or rainy weather condition. Once the sun is out, you can remove them and store for future use. Meanwhile, there are also bug screens which you can attach to your canopy to prevent insects from getting inside. You can also remove them afterwards.

Since many canopies don’t come with accessories, you should be smart enough when it comes to buying your canopy accessories. Here are some tips on how to go about it:

• Buy canopy accessories made by the same manufacturer as your canopies.
• Always check the materials used. Some accessories are very cheap and that’s because they’re not really made from quality materials.
• Buy those which you need. Never splurge on canopy accessories which you won’t need at all.
• Visit both local and online stores that sell canopy accessories. You may never know which sellers give the best offer unless you check them out.
• Opt for warranted items.
• Buy only from trusted sellers.  Being around in the business for long time makes sites the safest and most trusted in the industry.

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Canopy Tents – Your No. 1 Choice for Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are so much fun and enjoyable especially when they’re spent in a comfortable location. Canopy tents pave the way for many individuals to experience the outdoors like no other. Gone were the days when you have to use a big beach umbrella or put up a makeshift tent just to avoid the scorching heat of the sun when you do some outdoor activities. With canopy tents, you can savor every minute of being in the outdoors.

Canopy tents for flea markets

Do you have something to sell but don’t have a stall in the market? Now you can start selling your products during market day by using canopy tents. You can use these tents to display your items like fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other produce you have. Canopy tents are very sturdy and they’re big and strong enough to display all your items. You will also be protected from the heat of the sun and in case it rains, you can always attach accessories to your canopies like rain gutters and side covers.

Canopy tents for kids’ small businesses

Your child wants nothing more than to make some extra money especially during summer. You can encourage him or her to come up with a small business such as selling freshly baked cookies or lemonade which he or she prepared. Canopy tents are ideal for such endeavor since they’re easy to assemble.

Canopy tents for car wash

Now you can invite your neighbors to have their cars washed by you. All you need are cleaning materials and a big canopy tent where you will wash the car. You’ll have lots of fun while earning extra cash at the same time. Canopy tents are very durable with steel frames and polyethylene fabric so even if you they get wet everyday and exposed to the sun’s UV rays, they will still last for a long time.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Canopies

More and more people are buying canopies for their personal use. Gone were the days when you have to spend a lot of money just to build a temporary shed or garage and then throw the materials away after using them. Today, canopies are the answer to some of your basic needs as far as temporary or extra storage or shed is concerned.

There are many local and online stores that sell canopies especially with their growing popularity and demand. However, many people are not smart enough when it comes to buying the right canopies. As long as a particular canopy catches their attention, they will immediately buy it without checking some information about the product or the manufacturer. This is one of the most common mistakes many people commit when buying canopies and definitely one which you must avoid.

Canopies are made of different materials and they also come in various sizes and frames. When buying one, you must find out some vital information about it first before deciding on buying the item. Knowing details like the materials used, size, shape, price, and manufacturer are very useful.

Another very common mistake is buying canopies of poor materials. Do you ever wonder why there are canopies which are more expensive than others? That’s because they’re not of good quality. Many people are blinded by the price of these cheap canopies that as soon as they come out in the market many will immediately buy them. The fact is, they won’t last long and soon you’ll be buying a new one again.

This won’t happen if you buy good quality canopies which are also of affordable prices. There are many trusted sellers that offer canopies of all forms and sizes at very reasonable prices. There are even those who sell warranted canopies.

Be smart when shopping for an outdoor canopy. Buy only those of good quality and from reputable manufacturers.

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Buying Canopies Online

Many people nowadays are discovering the convenience of shopping online. You can buy almost anything on the internet and the best part is you don’t have to leave the house just to buy the stuffs you need. It’s good to know then that there are now many online stores that sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, food, and even canopies.

Canopies of all forms and sizes can now be purchased online. You don’t have to beat the traffic or form in long lines just to buy your ideal canopies. With online shopping, you can pay for your items using your credit card and have them delivered in no time at all.

There are so many online stores found in the internet today that sometimes you already find it hard to decide on where or whom to buy. Many people have become victims of scammers online and you don’t want to add yourself to the list. You should be smart enough when it comes to online shopping.

One of the foolproof ways to avoid being scammed is by buying canopies from legit online sellers. These legit sites sell quality canopies at reasonable prices. In addition, you have numerous choices to choose from.  Quality sites will showcase all their items for sale on their website. At NorthStarCanopy.com you can find everything from pop up canopies to greenhouses by simply browsing their site.

Another practical way to avoid scammers is by buying from sites that sell warranted items. Most canopies sold online are affordable but avoid those which have prices that are too good to be true. Many scammers lure their victims by offering very cheap prices for their items compared to other online sellers.

Most importantly, you check out the whole website of the sellers. Is the site organized Does it contain all vital information you need to know? Does the site have a customer support representative or answer to your queries immediately? You should also take time to read the customer reviews featured in the site to get to know the sellers better.

Bear these tips in mind when you shop for your canopies online. Deal with legit and serious sellers only to avoid being scammed.

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How to Shop for Your Canopy Replacement Tarps

Canopies are subject to harsh weather conditions such as the damaging rays from the sun, rain, snow, and strong winds. In some cases, mishandling of these canopies cause rips, discoloration, and other damages. Most canopies will last only for two to five years and after that, you have to start searching for canopy replacement tarps.

It’s not so hard to look for replacement tarps especially if you already have an idea on what to buy. However, here are some additional tips that will make your shopping experience a breeze:

• Visit online shops
Most people will immediately go to the nearest home depot or hardware store near their area once they need to buy replacement tarps for their canopies. There’s nothing wrong with this especially if you need to see the material yourself before you purchase it. However, many online stores are now selling canopies and replacement tarps at very affordable prices. You also have a wide selection to choose from. Many even offer free shipment and delivery to your home.

• Check for warranty
Many stores now offer warranty for their products. NorthStarCanopy.com for instance offers up to five years warranty on some of their replacement tarps. This beats buying a cheap canopy top that has no warranty at all. In addition, this gives you no reason not to buy warranted items since you have nothing to lose.

• Avail of promos
Canopy replacement tarps can be expensive but you can save a lot of money if you avail of promos. Many stores offer huge discounts for their items and if you’re lucky you can avail of up to 50% discount. Moreover, there are those who offer free shipment or delivery so you no longer have to pay extra.

Shopping for your canopy replacement tarps is easy and inexpensive especially if you take the time to visit online stores and avail of products with warranties and discounts.

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Fundraising Made Easier with Canopies

Every now and then you’re tasked to sponsor a fundraising activity for your school, community, or organization. In times like this you need a safe, comfortable, and convenient place where you can hold your fundraising. Building a temporary shed can cost you money not to mention the time you have to spend on getting it done. Instead of causing yourself a lot of trouble, why not use canopies for your fundraising instead?

Canopies have been around for a long time but many people think of them as tents used in weddings, baptismal, and other social gatherings. The fact is, canopies can be used in many different ways. Aside from being an occasional venue, they’re also used as a garage, nursery, shade, and many more.

If you’re holding a fundraising you’ll realize that using an outdoor canopy can be very beneficial. For starters they’re very easy to set up. All you have to do is find the ideal location where your canopy can fit well enough. For fund raisings, look for an empty space in the park, school parking lot, or in the neighborhood where you can assemble it and attract people at the same time.

Once you have found the perfect spot, you can now assemble your canopy. There are open canopies and enclosed canopies available in the market today. If the weather is sunny, opt for an open canopy so that everybody can see what you have to offer. For harsh weather conditions, it’s best to use an enclosed canopy to secure all your goodies and keep your prospective customers safe from rain, strong winds, or snow.

After your fundraising you can easily disassemble your canopy and keep it in its bag for future use. These canopies are made of strong steel frame and the covers are made of polyethylene fabric which is weather resistant and fire retardant. You are sure to have yours with you for a long time.

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