How to Find the Best Garden Canopies

Garden canopies are becoming quite a trend especially among plant enthusiasts. They can make every garden more attractive and they also serve many purposes. If you’re looking for garden canopies to add to your home, you should know how to choose the right ones that will meet your needs.

Garden canopies come in various sizes, materials, and styles. They also vary in prices. For someone who’s still new to these kinds of canopies, here’s how to help you find the best garden canopy for your home:

• Know your options
Just because you happen to like your neighbor’s garden canopy doesn’t mean you should also get the same canopy yourself. The fact is your neighbor’s garden is different from yours. Instead of buying the same canopy as what you see in others, why not know your options first? Check out stores in your area as well as those online. You’ll be surprised to find so many kinds of garden canopies out there.

• Identify your need Why exactly are you buying a garden canopy? Do you intend to keep your plants inside or you just want some shade in your garden? Garden canopies come in various sizes and styles. Once you have identified your purpose for getting a garden canopy you’ll find it easier to choose the best one that suits your needs.

• Set your budget The prices of garden canopies depend largely on their size, design, and materials used. Try asking yourself how much you’re willing to spend on your garden canopy. If you’re on a tight budget, look for one that’s affordable and yet made of durable materials.

Garden canopies can be used as a picnic area in your garden. They can also serve as nurseries or a greenhouse. Bear in mind the tips mentioned above and you won’t go wrong in buying your very own garden canopy.

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Maximize Your Outdoor Area with the Use of Garden Canopies

its size can be adjusted to the space you need. They also come in different colors to suit your mood or theme, if you are fond of having outdoor parties, picnics, and barbecues.

When you feel like relaxing, having an outdoor garden canopy will provide you with the shade and protection that you need from the sun, while allowing you ventilation from the fresh breeze all around. If you live in an area that is prone to insects during some seasons, you’ll be happy to know that garden canopies come equipped with insect netting to protect you from bugs as well, while still providing good ventilation.

One garden canopy can serve you various occasions throughout your life, as they are designed to be strong and durable. They are also easy to decorate and set up, if you feel like making them cozier or add in several features to accommodate a garden party. They are ideal to use in the spring or summer months when everyone can appreciate being outdoors. You don’t even have to have a special occasion to celebrate to make use of a garden canopy; just by using them makes any day a little more special in itself. Think of all the wonderful, long meals you can have with your family and friends beneath the garden canopy, all while enjoying the scenery and fresh outdoor breeze.

The best thing about garden canopies is that for all their numerous uses and benefits, they are also very affordable. One purchase will last you a lifetime and is an inexpensive way to make your garden or outdoor area much more livable and enjoyable.

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Benefits Of Using Party Tents

If you are fond of entertaining guests and you have good garden space which you haven’t been using, you should start looking into the use of party tents. Everyone loves outdoor parties with the cool breeze blowing through, a refreshing alternative to indoor parties. Using party tents has many benefits, mostly the fact that your guests will have a sense of grandeur when they step into it because of the wide open spaces that an outdoor setting provides. There are 12×20 models available although to accommodate a larger number of guests you can expand it to 20×20 or simply purchase a 20×20 tent altogether.

Daytime parties can become even more fun with the use of party tents, and you can provide your guests enough shelter from the sun and falling leaves because the tents are made of durable materials. You will also save a significant amount of money by not having to use lights, as party tents maximize the natural sunlight available. Party tents make use of wide open spaces on its perimeter, which will help make your guests feel even more welcome.

Party tents are easy to work with, whether you are planning an afternoon high tea party or a big evening event with a dance floor, stage, and space for food, dj’s, and just about everything else you’ll need for a successful event. With the right equipment, you can even easily replicate a nightclub feeling, as you can easily install lights and other effects.

Outdoor parties are always unforgettable, and you can enjoy all the benefits of an indoor party just by switching to party tents. It’s an excellent investment which you can use time and again for all outdoor occasions, and you can even use them in other ways if you use the right canopy accessories.

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How to Put Up an Outdoor Canopy

Although there are many different types of canopies available which all require slightly different techniques, there are some basic guidelines to follow. Following these simple steps will help ensure that your canopy goes up properly, without damage and with minimal effort.

Unpack and Identify All Parts

Your canopy may come with a separate cover, or the cover may be built into the structure itself. You may also have purchased separate weights, anchors, trusses, or other canopy accessories. Before you begin, make sure that every required part is close at hand. If you need to pound stakes into the ground, be sure to have a mallet handy as well.

Clear the Ground

Whether you plan on setting out a temporary floor for your canopy or simply enjoying the grass, it’s essential to make sure that the ground you’re setting your canopy on is free from rocks, sticks, toys and other debris. There are a few reasons for this.

Stepping on a rock is not only painful, but it can throw you off balance and bring your half-erected canopy crashing down. In addition, if you plan to use any type of ground cover under your canopy, debris or toys will create unsightly bumps and most likely rip or tear the ground cover.

Enlist a Partner

Some larger canopies require more than two people in order to set them up safely and properly. However, many small and medium sized portable canopy shelters can be put up with two people. Attempting to put your canopy up on your own, however, is likely to result in frustration and failure. Enlist a willing friend or family member.  You’ll save yourself from headaches, and the frustration of leaving a canopy crumpled on the ground, awaiting a helping hand.

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Enhance Your Canopy with a Path

Canopies are great for nearly every kind of outdoor entertaining, and they’re also excellent places to gather for everyday relaxation. If you plan on leaving a canopy up for a whole season or even permanently, you’ll want to think about creating a pathway to your new outdoor living space. Creating a path not only makes your canopy look more permanent, but it’s a chance to do some creative landscaping and enhance the look of your entire property!

Choosing the Path Itself

Choosing the material for your path should depend on your budget and on the permanence of your canopy. If you plan to use this spot as an outdoor entertaining and relaxation area for years to come, then you can look into materials such as concrete or stone. If, on the other hand, you’re not sure how long the canopy will be in place, consider simply removing the grass from your pathway and landscaping along the edges. This will make it much simpler to let the area go back to simply being part of the lawn once the backyard canopy is taken down.

Remember that while individual pieces such as pavers and stones can be installed on a DIY basis, a cement or concrete path needs the experience and equipment which only professional installation offers.

Have Fun with Landscaping

A path is a smaller landscaping project, so have fun with it. If you’re using a plain dirt path, remember to treat for weeds so unwanted growth doesn’t compete with what you intentionally plant. Stamping down the dirt also gives a more manicured appearance and cuts down on loose dirt being tracked indoors on your shoes.

Creating low borders is a classically beautiful idea, whether they’re cool greens or bursting with bright colors. You can even add a whimsical touch with an archway to define the beginning of the path…let some climbing plants grow up the sides, or add twinkle lights to really make your outdoor canopy area sparkle!

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A Complete Guide on How to Bring Home the Best Shade Canopies


Although, shade canopies seem to be quite fascinating to the eye, they have specific uses and are one of the best elements that can bring you close to Mother Nature. It does not matter if you have to face the hot sun, the extreme chills of snow, the sheets of rain, wind or the extreme weather conditions, the use of outdoor canopies can help you withstand these conditions and yet let you have a fun time.

What Can Canopy Tents Be Used For?

As said earlier, canopies can be used for numerous reasons and have great benefits too. If you thought that outdoor canopies were just for flea markets or a wedding ceremony, you need to think again because here are some other reasons how canopy tents can be of great help.

Display Center: If you have something to display say for example a craft show, shade canopies are the best that you could set up. The biggest advantage of using a canopy while displaying a craft show, is that it is easy to set it up and take down. A simple 8X8 size can easily be transported and is perfect for such occasions.

Carport: If you were thinking of an additional garage but were dreading the fear of the additional expense that it brings along, outdoor canopies are the right answer. Shade canopies can give great shade for your beautiful wheels and can protect it completely. The best part is that you can find numerous selections in its size, color, material and design. These canopies not only give you the same benefit of a garage, but are also an inexpensive solution.

Special Occasions: You guessed it right, these canopy tents are best seen on many wedding occasions, but that doesn’t limit it, you can use them for other outdoor activities like a barbecue, family picnic, backyard party and more. Choosing shade canopies with sizes such as a 10X12 or 10X20 is the best for such kind of occasions.

Backyard Storage Space: There might be a lot of stuff that cannot find a place inside your home, so installing a portable canopy in your backyard can serve you as your additional storage space. With outdoor canopies you do not need to worry where to keep your carpentry tools, Christmas decorations, kid’s toys and more.

How Can I Choose The Best Canopy Tent Based On Its Material?

Although, you might have seen a lot of canopy tents displayed in stores they all come in different materials and sizes and each material has its specific use. Here are some options that you might wish to consider:

Polyester: The typical material used for shade canopies is polyester because it is not only water resistant but extremely durable. The thickness of polyester fabric indicates how durable and strong it can be and can be a great selection if you live in harsh weather conditions.

Polyethylene: If you need a material that can screen out the sunlight in your outdoor canopies then another option is polyethylene. Polyester as well as polyethylene has equal benefits like effective UV stabilizer, flame retardants, flexibility and strength.

Coolaroo: If you are looking for the best shade canopies out there then going for the coolaroo fabric will give you all the benefits. This breathable fabric is made from high-quality polythene, but knitted perfectly to give its breathability factor to outdoor canopies. These kinds of canopy tents are extremely good when it comes to outdoor conditions and the best part is that it reduces the temperature by 32% apart from providing great UV protection and extreme resistance to mildew and mold. The fabric is water resistant as well and is quite attractive when it comes to its stylish colors and designs.

If you were having contemplated thoughts on what to buy and which would be best suited for your weather condition, the above suggestions can give you a clear idea on what to choose for your outdoor canopies.  Click here to visit our store.

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Enclosed Party Tent Canopy

On those warm days when the breezes are pleasant, temperatures comfortable and there’s minimal chance of rain, an open sided party tent canopy can work just fine. Unfortunately, even with adequate planning, the weather can surprise you, often being uncooperative with your party plans.

The best way to avoid any problems is to use enclosed party tent canopies instead of open sided models. This is especially true when planning an outdoor gathering or party for the early spring or late fall when the weather is much more unpredictable.

When hosting outdoor events in the warmer months or in the evenings when the bug come out, you may also want to consider the benefits of enclosed party tent canopies with bug screen walls or insect netting. The location of your outdoor gathering may also factor in when deciding which kind of enclosed party tent is best for you. For example, hosting a party in a wooded area or near a pond means there may be more bugs, in which case the models of tents with bug blocking options may be the right choices.

There are several varieties of canopy tents that can be used for your outdoor parties. Here are just a few of the popular models to choose from.

Insect Blocking Enclosed Party Canopies

When planning to protect guests from insects in your own back yard or at some other location, there are a few different models of canopy tents to choose from, including:

• Explorer Instant Shelter with zip in place bug screen walls – available in three sizes to fit all Explorer pop up canopy models
• 10 x 10 Garden Canopy with insect netting
• 13 x 13 Garden Canopy with insect netting

Enclosed Party Tent Canopies

When you plan to host a party when the weather may not cooperate, enclosed or partially enclosed party tent canopies can help even the odds and keep guests more comfortable. Here are a few of the options available for enclosed party tents.

• 10 x 10 Goliath with walls is an excellent choice for smaller gatherings or can be used for extra seating, a food serving station, protection for the DJ and his or her equipment, and any number of other purposes.
• 10 x 20 Universal Enclosed A-Frame with windows makes comfortable accommodations for guests and can also be put to good use at home as an outdoor garage or storage area when the party is over.

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